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Nowadays, along with the development of society, various diseases originating from environmental pollution and lifestyle have affected human health. Agimexpharm has established manufacturing factories and distribution system for its products with wide range and diversity of active pharmaceutical ingredients in diverse range of dosage forms to take part in prevention and treatment of diseases. After process of entering pharmaceutical market, Agimexpharm, at present time, has been recognized as one of high-quality pharmaceutical brands in Vietnam.

Agimexpharm Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company has more than 30 years of experience (formerly known as An Giang Pharmaceutical Factory, established in 1981). After equitization in 2004, the company has outlined a business strategy-keeping pace with new situation requirements and firmly entered the pharmaceutical market thanks to active application of progressive technology in production and administrative management.

In 2008, new manufacturing lines with advanced technology machines imported from France, USA, Spain, Japan, India etc. meeting the requirements of production and ensuring the quality of medicines in accordance with the GMP-WHO principles, Agimexpharm has received Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certificate issued by the Drug Administration of Vietnam. This confirms the strategic goal of Agimexpharm step by step increasing consistently to keep pace with the development of world pharmaceutical quality.

In addition to the GSP warehouse system and the WHO-GMP manufacturing factory, the company also pays special attention to the origin of raw materials, which are mainly purchased from Europe, America and other prestigious domestic suppliers. The company has also invested in analytical equipment complying with EU-GLP and FDA specifications to control and ensure the quality of medicines.

Facing fluctuations in raw material prices, the company continuously reviews and adjusts its production – distribution plan to actively meet the needs of the market with stable product prices.

Operating in a competitive market with high pressures, Agimexpharm asserts that product quality and qualified workforce are the two key factors for sustainable development. Therefore, Agimexpharm has constantly attempted to manufacture and market safe pharmaceutical products with high quality and reasonable prices not only to care for Vietnamese health but also enter Asia’s markets and then all over the world.

Currently, there are more than 300 products of the company licensed by the Drug Administration of Vietnam – Ministry of Health, some specific products standing out from the list are drugs used for the treatment of osteoporosis (Ostagi-D3, Razxip, Topezonis, Dronagi, Agietoxib, Agidecotyl, Spas-Agi etc.), cardiovascular medicines (Nicarlol, Ihybes-H 150, Agimstan, Agilosart, Imidagi, Agimlisin, Agicardi etc.), lipid lowering medicines (Agivastar, Agirovastin, Statinagi etc.), antivirals (used for the treatment of hepatitis such as Ribatagin, Agifovir-E etc.). Additionally, approximate 150 products which have been used in nationwide hospital through tender and are highly appreciated by the medical professionals.

Agimexpharm’s products have achieved the award of Vietnam High Quality Goods for 5 consecutive years in 2015 – 2019 and Top 10 Most Preferred Brands. The ROVAGI 3 M.IU product has won the title of Top 50 gold products integrating into WTO 2012. The ACEGOI product has won the title of Top 100 products competitive for integrating into WTO 2012. The company has also adopted quality management procedures and increased business competitiveness based on international quality management system standards and received the certificate of QMix 100:2014.

Top 10 Most Preferred Brands

Top 50 gold products integrating into WTO 2012Top 100 products competitive for integrating into WTO 2012

With the motto “Cooperation based on exclusive strengths”, Agimexpharm always respects the support and co-operation of colleagues in the Medicine and Pharmacy section and the trust of customers in recent years.