On the morning of November 22, 2019, the provincial Labor Confederation in collaboration with the Department of  Labor – Invalids and Social Affairs with the consent of the People’s Committee of An Giang Province held a ceremony to commend the “Enterprise for Laborers” in 2019. Agimexpharm Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company has been one of the honored and recognized enterprises.

This is the first time, the provincial Labor Confederation in collaboration with the Department of  Labor – Invalids and Social Affairs launch to select, recognize and reward the title “Enterprise for laborers”. The ways of selecting businesses are conducted carefully, including general standards and specific voting criteria with 12 criteria, with the focus on strictly complying with the provisions of the law on enterprises, investment and environmental protection; taking care of material and spiritual life for laborers; better benefits than the law required; creating favorable conditions for grassroots trade union activities.

At the same time, 20 typical businesses are selected to propose recognition of the title to the relevant units for comments (Provincial Business Association; Provincial Emulation and Reward Board; Division of Labor – Invalids and Social Affairs and the Labor Federation of districts, towns and cities; Industry unions; Union of industrial areas) to ensure openness, objectivity, and according to criteria.

Enterprises are selected, recognized and rewarded with the title “Enterprise for laborers”, although they have diverse properties, industries and operation scale, but they have similar outstanding features such as: Laborer-centered care, laborers considered as development motivation of the unit; best meeting criteria on the use and treatment of employees in terms of income, training, working environment, social welfare and mental and physical fostering activities, especially the employment quality of employees; guarantee of salary, rate and payment of social insurance, health insurance, labor contracts and stable labor rates; there are no problems of unpaid wages, late wages, strikes and discrimination; well implementing democratic regulations and labor agreements, creating favorable conditions for grassroots trade unions…

Agimexpharm pays attention to well implementing the regimes and policies for employees, with incentives to encourage employees to emulate production and long-term commitment. In recent years, Agimexpharm JSC. has organized mid-shift meals for employees, maintained and supported at 20,000 VND/meal. The union always supervises and reminds food hygiene and safety, the kitchen is equipped with new, clean equipment and tools. The company also has policies to take care of the lives of its employees such as attendance bonus, december bonus for workers during Tet, full participation in all types of insurance as prescribed by law…

Agimexpharm Pharmaceutical JSC. has always taken seriously and objectively to deserve the title “Enterprise for laborers”, associated with protecting the ecological environment, which is contributing to honor and spread social responsibility and brand of businesses to the community. Thereby, the awareness of society is raised about caring for the most precious resource that is the people; relationships of trade union, employees and businesses are strengthened, increasingly healthy, and in close binding.

Khanh Vinh – Agimexpharm