Myanmar-language labels coming in April

The Department of Consumer Affairs has set April 26 next year as the deadline for companies selling foreign products to use Myanmar-language labels as part of an effort to protect public health and safety.

U Soe Aung, deputy director of the department, said on Wednesday the government will strictly enforce the new rules to protect consumers.

“We will start taking legal action six months after the April 26 deadline. We asked the opinion of the Myanmar Attorney General’s Office before making this change, and we promulgated the regulation after presenting it to the Central Committee for Consumer Protection with the AG’s approval,” he said. 

The department announced on October 26, that nine kinds of goods will be required to use the Myanmar language on their labels alone or with other languages. The new regulation covers instructions for use, storage or condition; advice on poisonous ingredients; and precautions and possible side effects.

“Consumers will now be able to wisely choose goods and services with high quality for their safety, health and satisfaction. They will fully understand what they are buying and know the rights. On the other hand, entrepreneurs will pay more attention to consumers,” U Soe Aung said.

The most common goods that run afoul of the labelling regulation are children’s facilities and cosmetics, said the department.